Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jaron is our songwriter

I love my little guy Jaron! He is such a crack up! When I was pregnant with Jaron I really felt that Jaron was going to be our little songwriter. He has always been fascinated with instruments and music and loves to shout with joy (which is actually what his name means). He is always playing with guitars, begging me to play my guitar, watching people play their guitars.....He recently rediscovered an old beat up wooden play guitar that we tried to hide from him. He is now wanting to eat with it, sleep with it, go in the bath with it (where we draw the line...haha), and also dance around and sing with it. He has now written his first "song." It's titled "Guitar Guitar." Haha! That's all that's too it too. He has a little tune and he dances around strumming the guitar singing, "Guitar..guitar...guitar...guitar." It is just precious! When we get a video I'll have to post it here. Just had to share the joy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zach's 3D pics

Here's Zach! We just got his pics done on Saturday. It was amazing to see his face and to see all the likenesses to his brothers. He seems to be some kind of morph of the two of them. We love this little guy so much already and are excited to meet him face to face in May.